Reaf Services

Your personal gift card seller.
All you need under one roof.

You're busy, and mastering all the ins and outs of corporate gift card programs can take lots of time. Rely on Reaf to find the very best gift card program for you, and then handle every aspect of it – from sales and marketing, to analysis and reporting, to fulfillment and additional promotional opportunities.

It's a true turnkey solution that lets you reap all the rewards of extra revenue and boosted market share – but spares you all the complexities and time-consuming details.

Reaf has established relationships with top buyers industry wide, and can seamlessly place your gift cards in programs such as:

  • Incentives and rewards
  • Loyalty – including credit card loyalty rewards
  • Fundraising
  • Health & wellness
  • Safety and many others

What we do for you:

  • Act as your company's gift card sales force
  • Manage the day-to-day buyer contact including contracts, launching card in program, ordering, customer service to buyers and monitoring inventory arrival
  • Help project-manage large program installations, such as 3rd party grocery/drug store programs
  • Market your gift card to buyers through emails, direct mail and call campaigns
  • Create promotions to increase gift card sales
  • Provide monthly sales and forecast reports, so you know your critical stats at all times
  • Help analyze backend gift card numbers including lift, breakage and profit
  • Fulfill gift cards

What this means for you:

Increased revenue. Corporate gift card sales can bring in extra revenue from alternate channels that traditional business simply can't reach.

Additional sales. Studies show that recipients typically spend 30% more than the issued gift card amount.

Boosted brand awareness and product trial. New customers will be introduced to your brand through gifted cards.

Enhanced branding. People will also see your brand in additional channels – such as third-party gift card programs and credit card loyalty programs.

Our reason for being: B2B gift card sales.