B2B Market Assessment

Your Challenge

The challenge lies in knowing how to define your growth potential — and then pursuing that potential, leveraging benchmarks and forecasts to validate your direction, and identifying obstacles that could prevent you from reaching your goals.

Reaf’s Solution

The B2B Market Assessment will provide you with a customized detailed report that pinpoints missed opportunities and the pathway to a healthier program. This comprehensive report gives you an actionable plan that provides you with potential new buyers and programs, a custom analysis on your current B2B program and obstacles that are preventing you from maximizing your buyer’s potential. The result: you’ll understand the root problems with your current program and potential new buyers so you can grow sales.

Benefits and Features

Our B2B Market Assessment will Provide you:

Crucial Knowledge

After receiving your detailed report, you’ll have a clear understanding of where your gift card program currently stands … including your most critical stats and the steps you can take to move your sales forward.

Identify New Buyers

You’ll have an actionable list of NEW programs and buyers that might want to buy your gift cards. Forecasts and priorities will be provided so you know which ones will grow your program.

Key Sales Opportunities

You can leverage the information you find in your detailed report to make informed decisions and prospect the companies you want to target most.

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