Your Challenge

You are experiencing stalled gift card growth and may not have the staff, expertise, time, or resources to proactively sell to potential buyers.

Reaf’s Solution

Let Reaf drive your marketing efforts with our Callbox, a year-long multi-channel process to new business leads that includes targeted lists and email and outbound call campaigns. We specialize in delivering impactful, meaningful messages that resonate with businesses. Plus, when your buyers are ready to purchase, we send them to you to complete the transaction. We do the selling and marketing and you still own the client relationship.

Benefits and Features

Our Callbox Plan Will Provide You:

Increase Sales with Prime Buyers.

We’ll help you reach out to mid-market companies that are often forgotten about, but collectively buy more than $7 billion in gift cards every year.

Maximize Your Marketing with Our Trained Sales Staff.

Our experienced sales staff is ready to start making calls for you. They know exactly what to say to motivate your prospective buyers!

Gain Access to Leads You Wouldn’t Have Otherwise.

Our database is comprised of more than 40,000 companies, and you’ll have access to every one of them.

Let Us Manage the Details — While You Maintain the Relationship.

Our multi-touch, multi-channel process does all the legwork for you … yet you still own the client relationship.

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