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Your Challenge

Negotiating third-party gift card contracts on your own can be tricky, especially when it comes to determining if your bulk discount is too high (or too low) compared to your competitors. Plus, without a true understanding of the gift card market, it can be hard to predict how much profit you’re likely to gain from your program.

Reaf’s Solution

Reaf is a trusted resource you can count on for guidance and an inside view of the industry. With our expert Consulting Services, you’ll feel confident about your gift card program and the competitiveness of your discount. Best of all, you’ll be prepared to answer when management comes to you with a question about your program.

Benefits and Features

Our Consulting Services will Provide you:

Proven Track Record

Reaf has been helping companies with their B2B gift card programs for more than 12 years — with well-known clients including Nike, Gap, Best Buy, Darden and many more. You can leverage our years of experience to master the intricacies of the industry, and make sure your program is headed in the right direction.

Powerful Knowledge and Insight

Because of our specialized experience, we can provide valuable insight and bold strategies that will help you identify gaps in your program, focus on your most important priorities, and identify the best route to take to achieve bottom-line impact.

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