Incentive Magazine asked the respondents of the Incentive’s Corporate Gift IQ Study to dive deeper into the different kinds of corporate gifts that they receive. About 77% of companies reported that corporate or business gifts are part of their incentive programs.

First, who are the people receiving these gifts? The top two recipients of corporate gifts: Customers or clients and employees. When giving a corporate gift, brand name and quality are important. People also like to receive gifts that are personalized. We have provided some of the best and worst gifts listed and why gift cards are your best solution:

Worst Gifts to Receive

  • Pens
  • Bad Wine
  • Cheap Trophy
  • Gifts That Do Not Work

Best Gifts to Receive

  • Name Brand Items such as Maui Jim Sunglasses or Tiffany
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Glassware with Initials
  • Bobblehead of Their Image

The Solution: GIFT CARDS

Gift cards are the perfect way to avoid unwanted gifts. They are the most frequently used corporate gift to give. Gift cards are also the most-named best gift with 65% of respondents reporting receiving a gift card. The most popular type of gift card given is a dining/restaurant card with retail gift cards following close behind. Are you marketing your brand’s gift cards as the best solution for corporate gift giving?


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