“What do women want?”

When Sigmund Freud first posed that mystifying question, he could have had an “A-ha!” moment – if only he asked Reaf! The answer, Dr. Freud, is Gift Cards. Granted, Gift Cards top the Holiday Wish Lists of 60% of all consumers – women and men combined. Which begs yet another question: Is there actually a difference between men and women when it comes to the types of gifts they prefer to receive? Hmm…


Analyze this:

According to the National Retail Federation, 52% of men are hoping to receive Gift Cards, with clothing and clothing accessories running a close second (51%). Whereas 66% of women are dropping hints that Gift Cards are their gifts of choice, outdistancing clothing by 11%.

Gifts Women Would Like to Receive

Gifts Men Would Like to Receive

So why is that? Most likely it’s because woman want…what women want. Typically, the decision makers of households, Gift Cards allow them the freedom to pick precisely their heart’s desire for the household. Or for themselves.


A question for you:

Why is the difference between men’s and women’s Wish Lists important? A-ha! Because knowing these stats could make a big difference in how you market your Gift Cards.

Marketing plans to ponder:

  • Consider making multiple gift card designs where one is generic, one that appeals more to men, and one more to women.
  • Design a campaign targeted to men that sparks thoughts about buying last-minute e-gifts for their significant others.
  • Send press releases to men’s and women’s publications to get mentioned in Holiday Gift Guides.

These are just a few ways this data can inspire your Holiday campaigns. Could they result in more Gift Card sales? Higher profits? In the final analysis, unquestionably!

Source: National Retail Federation