Incorporating merchandise into meetings and events is common and used as an effective tool for meeting planners. Successful Meetings sent out a survey to understand how merchandise is incorporated in their events. Out of the survey responders, 97% of them rated merchandise a somewhat to very effective tool for reaching their meeting and event goals. This is where your brand’s gift card comes into play! How can you work with these meeting and event planners to use your gift card to help them reach their goals?

What Are These Events and Who Coordinates Them?

There are four different types of meetings and events that use merchandise and they are classified as:

  • Corporate Meetings (33%)
  • Conventions (23%)
  • Trade Show (22%)
  • Incentive Trips (22%)

Corporate meetings ranked as number one and what better way to incentivize employees than with gift cards! More importantly, YOUR brand’s gift cards. Now that we know what types of events and meetings are being held, it’s important to know who is coordinating them so you know who to reach out to. These people are reported as:

  • Corporate Planners (46%)
  • Association Planners (29%)
  • Independent or Third-Party Planners (25%)

How Do Gift Cards Fit In?

Out of all the most common categories of merchandise used at these types of events, 43% of the merchandise offered is gift cards. So much room for opportunity! The most common gift cards are dining/restaurant followed by retail. Now that you have seen the research, there is a great opportunity here to reach out and get your gift card at these corporate events and meetings.

Source Successful Meetings

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