Start a B2B Gift Card Program

Your Challenge

The B2B gift card industry brings in more than $24 billion in annual revenue — with more than half of U.S. businesses using gift cards for incentive or recognition. Your challenge is knowing how to get a solid share of this without having the expertise or time to start a gift card program

Reaf’s Solution

Reaf is an independent agency specializing in selling gift cards to businesses. In fact, that’s all we do. And we have the expertise and capabilities to handle everything for you — from sales and marketing, to analysis and reporting and fulfillment. Most importantly, we already have established relationships with top buyers. And we work tirelessly to get your gift cards in as many of their programs as possible. Including:
Incentives and rewards
Grocery, drug and big box stores
Loyalty – including credit card loyalty rewards
Health & wellness
Safety and many others

Benefits and Features

Our B2B Gift Card Program will Provide you:

Increased Revenue

Corporate gift card sales can bring in extra revenue from alternative channels that your traditional business simply can’t reach.

Maximum Visibility for Your Brand.

Prospective customers will also see your brand in additional channels — such as grocery stores and credit card loyalty programs.

New Customers

Almost 80% of gift card recipients have redeemed a card for a retailer they hadn’t previously visited — and one-third of those recipients become repeat customers.  (Source: Stored Value Systems)

Additional Spend on Each Transaction.

Customers view gift cards as “free money” and tend to spend more than the amount denoted on the card. In fact, when a card is redeemed, the average transaction amounts to 40 to 120% above the value of the card.

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