The sugarplums! The twinkling lights! The fruitcake! Ok, maybe forget that last one. But the holiday season is a rather magical one, isn’t it? Yet something else is happening here. And it has to do with the magic a booming economy can create: More and more companies are getting into the Holiday spirit, sharing their good fortune with all those good people on their gift lists: their employees, customers, and/or prospective clients.

In fact, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 10% of companies are planning to spend more on holiday business gift-giving in 2018. How’s that for a magical stat!

Here are some more statistics from the study:

  • 42% of employers plan to give gifts to workers – up from 40% in 2017
  • 37% of companies will be handing out gifts to their current and prospective clients – a 5% increase compared to last year
  • The most popular gift? Gift cards (44%). Followed by apparel (39%)
  • 17% of gift-giving employers will be giving gift cards to prospects and clients
  • In 2018, 73% of gifts from companies will bear their imprinted logos


Here is an idea! Give companies the ability to customize their gift cards so they are able to add their company logo or a personalized holiday message. It bears the company’s logo while still being a gift that can be used like cash!