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B2B gift card sales potential?

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Who We Are

Reaf Marketing is an INDEPENDENT agency specializing in B2B gift card sales and marketing, and we focus our attention on boosting your program’s sales. Rely on Reaf to quickly come in and focus on top priorities that will impact your bottom line immediately.

Key Areas of Focus


Reaf Marketing arms you with invaluable insight on what’s driving your sales, where it’s most impactful, how you stack up against competition and what you need to do next.


Your B2B gift card program can’t thrive without new customers — so let Reaf act as your gift card marketing and sales force.

Retain and Grow

Reaf can help you grow repeat business within your current relationship by applying inbound and outbound marketing direct to businesses.

Through your gift card lifecycle,
we are here to help YOU reach your fullest potential.

Reach out to Reaf Marketing — and reach

your fullest potential in B2B gift cards.

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