About Us
We’re all about helping you reach your full B2B Gift Card potential.
The idea of Reaf Marketing began when Diane Walker, founder and president, sat at her desk at Sunglass Hut corporate offices looking for an agency to help sell their gift card into the B2B market. Finding a partner with just the right specialized experience proved to be quite a challenge – and this is when she realized opportunity was knocking at her door.

Diane grew a successful multi-million-dollar program for Sunglass Hut and then decided to hang up her shingle and open her own agency Reaf Marketing. Already intimately familiar with corporate settings, she hit the ground running and never looked back. Today, she continues to build lucrative B2B gift card programs for esteemed national retailers.

Through your gift card life cycle, we are here to help you reach your fullest potential. Reaf has multiple services and solutions to help support YOU and your needs!

3 Ways Reaf Helps You!


We provide you with tools and reports to give you insight on how your gift card program is performing. We also can help build a gift card program for your brand that will thrive in the B2B industry.


We take full responsibility for generating new revenue for you. With our services, we perform all sales and marketing including creating a marketing plan for your card, emails, direct mail and call campaigns to new buyers

Retain & Grow

We help you grow your mature gift card program by obtaining repeat buyers through executing a marketing and sales campaign

Reach out to Reaf Marketing — and reach

your fullest potential in B2B gift cards.

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