Your Challenge

You know your B2B gift card program has the potential to grow but you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to it.

Reaf’s Solution

Reaf will become an extension of your department during our year long process to increase current buyers sales, sell new buyers, create marketing plans to boost sales and analyze it all to ensure positive ROIs.

Benefits and Features

Our Level-Up Plan will Provide you:

Identify Gaps and Boost Sales.

By identifying and forecasting buyer and program gaps within your current buyer relationships, we can help you find missed opportunities. We use our relationships to close the gaps — and increase your sales as a result.

Be Driven by Results

We’ll provide monthly information on all the programs currently using your gift card. Plus, at the end of each year, we’ll do a full sales review offering key learnings about your program — and we’ll provide strategies and tactics to future plans.

Keep your Sales Climbing with Promotions.

We’ll create a plan filled with ROI-positive marketing opportunities, so you can keep your sales engine rolling.

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