Portal Optimization

Your Challenge

The B2B bulk portal you launched now has hundreds of companies purchasing from it, but you don’t have a plan that grows your loyal repeat customers.

Reaf’s Solution

Don’t leave dollars on the table with companies that have purchased from you in the past. Rely on Reaf to help you bolster your repeat business … by making sure these customers always think of you when they need to buy gift cards. With our year-long email and outbound marketing efforts, gift card buyers will be enticed to purchase from you repeatedly.

Benefits and Features

Our Portal Optimization will Provide you:

Lift Sales by Growing Your Current Customers.

Remember: reactivating customers who already know you is one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue. And Reaf specializes in helping you grow your gift card program within your current relationships.

Generate More Prospects

Once you’ve increased the loyalty of your current customers, there’s a much greater chance they’ll refer you to other departments within their company or find more companies like them.

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